String Knit Gloves

String Knit Gloves
Item# 1571

Product Description

Size: Large, Medium Weight

Large String Knit Work Gloves. Wear alone or as liners. Specially constructed without bulky side seams, these String Knit Gloves are incredibly comfortable. Worn alone, they help cut down on minor scrapes and cuts. Under another pair of gloves, they add warmth and a second layer of protection. Applications: Material Handling, Shipping/Receiving, and General Labor. Keep hands comfortable and working! Seamless string knit gloves provide warmth and reduce abrasion. Popular as a glove liner beneath waterproof gloves and work gloves. Economical and versatile!


  • One Pair Cotton/Polyester Gloves
  • String Knit
  • Comfortable
  • No Bulky Side Seams